A comprehensive list of life lessons + things I live by (subject to change). 
Take it all with a grain of salt. I might wake up tomorrow and love Party City. 

Who knows.


If feeling ever at all off and the sun is shining, go outside ☀️
If you have legos, build legos 🧩
Bananas are not the devil 🍌
Learning is an underrated activity that deserves more credit 📚
 If someone gives you an orange, your love for them will multiply 🍊
Kids are oftentimes smarter than adults 👣
Art museums are safe spaces, just avoid the children 🖼️ 
Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful 🥈
Never underestimate a good grapefruit 🍈
Avoid Party City at all costs 🎉
Use microwaves with caution 🔥
Van Gogh is, dare I say it, an underrated artist 🖌️
If someone asks for an apple and you have one, give it to them 🍎
Dumplings 🥟
Don't ask the question if you're not ready for the response ⁉️
Wear a helmet ⛑️
Don't get your cartilage pierced unless you want to change your sleeping habits 👂🏼
New York City is the best city in the world, even when it isn't 🌇
If you see a smiley face, document it 😊
You regret 100% of the carrots you don't broil at 350 📗
If someone asks you to dinner at a restaurant known as "The Little Owl," don't go 🦉
Chaos isn't always a bad thing 🎊
If something scares you, rename it into something less scary (i.e. zombie --> Ted Cruz) 📝
Google is your friend 🔍
Robert Frost #knew when he said "and sorry I could not travel both" 🚏
Don't sleep on transitions (life, music, film, etc)  🏹
Assume everyone is doing their best 💚

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